Error Message with "Customizable Metadata Export" Script


while exporting about 2000 bookmarks into csv I receive this message:

“Der Befehl wurde mit einem Ergebnis ungleich Null beendet.”

No file created…

I’m using the latest DT version, OS 10.10.2

Any idea?



Internally, that script executes a shell script, and that error is a shell error. Perhaps there are invalid characters in the name of one of your bookmarks? Does the script operate on a single bookmark? If so, then you could inspect your bookmark names to see if anything is amiss. You’ll need to use trial and error to determine which document(s) causes the script to throw the error.


yes it works on a selected number of bookmarks.

The question for me is “what is defined as invalid character”?
The saved bookmarks are from russia, china, europe etc. so they contain non ascii characters…

Actually the only thing I really want is a clean list of only the saved URL’s in this database. I wonder why it#s not part of the export function to export selected data.

Is there any other way?


It’s an older script, and maybe DEVONtech would want to modify it to improve the character handling.

Maybe for now, make a Smart Group that looks for “Kind is Bookmark”. Select everything in that Smart Group. Copy. Then paste the clipboard contents into a new RTF. That will give you a list of all the bookmarks with clickable links.

If you want the URLs, you could write a very simple script that grabs the URL from every item in that smart group and appends the URLs to a plain text file.


Can you post a few sample URLs here that fail? Maybe I can fix your issue.

I have just made some changes to that script to include Path & Location, and fixed what I thought was an error in tags (multiple tags ended up in multiple lines).


PS if you want to fiddle with it yourself, looking at the script URL code it doesn’t escape the URL (ie percent-encode). I’ve found some routines here that may do the trick: … rt-08.html

Perhaps my UTF16LE version of the script solves your problem?

Just posted it here:
[url]Updated Customizable Metadata Export Script (UTF16LE)]