Error when adding item to Reminders. Please set up at least one calendar in Reminders

Hi everybody,
when I try to use a script to add a reminders in macOS Monterey, I get this error:

Error when adding item
to Reminders.
Please set up at least one calendar
in Reminders.

In my Reminders app I have already three list (not calendar!!). I get this error if I select an item that it is a pdf+text element… and choose into the script menu che script Add To Do to Reminders.
So… I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!

Thank in advance!

Is DEVONthink 3 allowed to automate Reminders, see system preferences?

yes, it confirmed… in System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Reminders… there is and it’s checked.

Thank you,

Which script did you actually use?

You need to give DEVONthink access to Calendars.

I tried to way… maybe I’m using then in the wrong way.

Anyway… this first screenshot is the add to do to reminders under the script menu

Instead this is when right click on a pdf file, click on Apple Rules and Reminders (yellow circle 1 on the attached screenshot).

but also in this way I haven’t anything under Reminders app macOS and anything under the Smart Rule group on DevonThink.

I’m Sorry!

Did you give access to Calendars as I instructed?

I don’t know how to make it because in the Calendars section, into System Preferences/Security & Privacy I can’t add any app. I tried also to drag the app in the windows… but nothing happened.

I’m sorry, I was replying to you while you posted in the topic. Read up, thanks!!!


That’s a default smart rule which shows a notification and plays a sound in case of an internal reminder (in the databases, not in external apps).

thank you… I tried also this type of reminders, but anything happened… I think this is another problem for me… because if I apply this rule, I haven’t kind of answer from devonthink app… only silence and under Reminders smart rule there’s anything.

I looked all the preferences, but I have not found anything about internal reminders.

I’m sorry, I don’t know what I can say…


These reminders can be added to any item via the Annotations & Reminder inspector. In addition, select the smart rule in the sidebar to view the existing items with reminders.

no no, ok, I’m sorry, I forgotten to insert data on reminders window inside DevonThink… for internal reminders I haven’t problem.


yes thank you, I just still read the handbook about internal reminders, thanks!

This is the errore when I try to use the Reminders Script.

Please hold the Option key and choose Help > Report Bug. Thanks!

@steffex Your issue is with “Reminders” not “Calendars”. On this screen shot, after you press the “click the lock to to prevent further changes”, and then click it again to allow changes, does this help to enable adding DEVONthink to the permitted list for “Reminders” (which a “+” icon which should appear).

I’ve noticed "oddness’ with the “Security & Privacy” settings in recent version of macOS which sometimes are only cured with re-boot. And then not cured permanently.

Your screen capture looks incorrect.

This is the error in the Add as To Do to Reminders script.

if (count of theListNames) = 0 then error (localized string “Please set up at least one list in Reminders.”)

Actually it’s a glitch of the English localization of this script, will be fixed by the next release.

Hi and thank for your reply,
yes, when I just seen the error I thought it was a mistake… so in my security & privacy under Reminders settings, Devonthink app is already authorised correctly.


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