ETA for DT 2.0 ?

Any word on the release date for DT 2.0 ? … the public beta is great and I’ve played with it a lot but I get really scared about trusting all my DT data to a product still in testing (well, I’ve tried it, and so far it works fine, but I’m paranoid hehe)


I understand your hesitation, but in all the years that I have used DEVONthink, I have often used public betas and never lost a single byte of data. The public betas tend to be incomplete, and new features still need polishing, but the basic database technology looks very solid.

My suggestion is to go for the public beta and make updates - that’s a good idea anyway. 2.0 is so much better than 1.9 that it would be a pity not to profit from it fully.


Public beta 7 has been very stable for me, as have all the v2 betas for quite a while. Stable enough for me to bet my business on it and use it exclusively as the hub for all of my client work, as well as my personal interests. I spend the better part of every workday in this product. If nothing else ever changed (the desires of the tagistas duly noted :slight_smile: ) I would be satisfied that this is a complete working product for my needs.

Of course, there’s always those few gotta-have-it tweaks and enhancements …