Evaluating DTPO

I’ve been using the scanning features and OCR in DTPO demo. As matter of workflow, is there a need to keep the scans since they are also stored in the DB? I’ve got my .dtBase file stored on an external HDD and when I scan/OCR a file, it stores a copy in a folder as well as the Show Contents/Files.

In Preferences > OCR you can check the option to delete the original document, which will then send the image-only PDF to the Trash.

I saw that, but more to my question, is there an advantage to keeping two copies? Even if the DB becomes corrupt, the files are still intact in the “Files” folder right? Or are they in-accessible if a DB corruption occurs?


The reason is simple: better safe then sorry. Since the OCR is “destructive” to the original file (the image will change in the OCRed copy), we keep both unless you explicitly state that you’re not interested in the original anymore.

You can always and ever get the files out of our database unless your Mac suffers from a severe disk haemorrhage. In any case the mantra is “make backups”.