Evernote import: hundreds of notes missing

I recently started moving all of my Evernote content to DevonTHINK, but have encountered a bit of an issue: when importing large notebooks (over 100 notes), only a fraction of the total notes are imported.

For example, a notebook with over 500 notes in Evernote winds up with about 130 notes in DevonTHINK when imported.

Are there any fixes for this? For now, the best solution I can think of is to move a small number of notes to a separate notebook and import in small chunks (though this will probably take a while).

Try doing the export from within Evernote then importing those files.

Thank you for the advice Jim; I did some more testing and it looks like the problem was on Evernote’s end. Some notes had a permanent sync issue, and when the importer hit one of those notes, the remaining notes in the folder would stop being imported. Solution: delete all Evernote notes from the hard drive and re-download. :neutral_face: Looks like people have been having this issue with Evernote for years, but so far no fix.

The good news is that DevonTHINK’s Evernote importer is now working fine. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome and thanks for the follow-up (and unintentional vindication! :stuck_out_tongue: )
Glad to hear it’s working now. Cheers!