Evernote import issue?

First, I am a new user, who would like to fully migrate from Evernote.
I’ve imported some files into Devonthink, but I am a little confused by the results.

For an EN note that has say a pdf embedded in a text file, DT has broken these two components apart - to a separate pdf and separate text file and stuck them in a folder. If this is the intended behavior then that’s fine. I would just be interested in how other recent adopters have dealt with this. Right now I have dozens of little folders with just two items in each. It’s a bit of a mess.


This is indeed intended as separate files in DEVONthink are much more powerful (e.g. searchable or editable) and as formatted notes support only image attachments.

Got it - thank you. Just learning my way around!

Thanks for the file! The separate components are images using Google’s WebP format, this isn’t supported by macOS or DEVONthink and therefore stored as separate attachments.