Evernote Import - URLs lost?

Hey there,

I just tried the Evernote import in Devonthink which basically works flawless. But then i found out that the URL field isn’t taken from the Evernote notes but is filled with a local evernote:// URL that links the Evernote note.

This is somehow nice but as i’m trying to get rid of Evernote I would prefer to get all information from the notes over to Evernote.

I know there are some older 3rd-Party-Scripts around but I thought this should also be possible with the official importer as it doesn’t seem to make sense to link to (most possible) not existing notes after import.

Thanks for helping!


When implementing the importer, the majority of Users wanted to keep working with Evernote as well as DEVONthink. That’s why it uses the evernote URL to link back.

There’s a script that I found on this site that imports notes from Evernote and preserves the original URL with your DevonThink note. I don’t have the link (sorry) but if you look for “Evernote to DevonThink Exporter” you should be able to find it.