Evernote imports do not show content

I updated to the newest beta of Pro Office and used the Evernote import script to take a sample of evernote files. It imported them as html files but when I try to view them (either in Devon or Safari), the load bar fills half way and then it shows nothing, just white space.

I actually had a problem with loading certain files a captured off the net, might be the html file, and so it may not have anything to do with it being from Evernote, but there is definitely something not working in this.

I just tested all of my capture bookmarklets and everything seems to run fine, even the new bookmarklet, so I cannot guess why the Evernote import is not showing content.

The script is only able to import text notes, neither images nor attachments are supported.

I noticed that Evernote’s public API has been used by a growing number of developers. Is there any future collaboration between Devonthink and Evernote?

One problem I have with Devonthink is that I cannot add content on the go as I can with Evernote. Secondly, images are automatically made searchable for text which is pretty handy. Most of what I capture on the go are pictures and voice notes, since I cannot take the time to write on a tiny screen/keyboard.

I could definitely see these two apps working together, Evernote capturing mobile content, making it searchable, and then archiving it into Devonthink that will then index and categorize.

Is this a possibility?

Sure. EverNote’s export could use standard file formats instead of an obscure XML format. Promised forever…