Evernote-like design

Good morning,

I have found this application (Devonthink) and I find it very interesting. Before buying it I have some questions (I am an Evernote user).

I am used to opening a note in Evernote and being able to directly add: headings (h1, h2 …), font color, tables etc … like here:

The problem is that DevonThink is different and I have several options:

  1. Use markdown. Don’t ask me why, but I hate messing around with codes, I prefer to use a graphical interface.
  2. Directly save files as .doc. The problem is that if in Devonthink I create a note I don’t see the option of new note-> create .doc and also, with this every time I open the note I have to open word to edit and close, which is more uncomfortable than writing directly in the note.
  3. Use rich text RTF. This is the closest to Evernote note style. I get an interesting edit bar but I am missing many options: I do not have h1, h2 … I cannot create tables, to modify the color of the letter it is in a different window, to modify the font type it opens a different window. … Which is annoying.

Is there a way to create notes like in Evernote and have a text edit with the same options as Evernote?
Is there a plugin where I can add a wysiwyg editor?

Thank you!

Welcome @jesunote

No, you can’t create and edit .doc files in DEVONthink. That is a proprietary format and only supported for viewing in DEVONthink.
The closest in terms of formatting you’ll get is rich text. There is the formatted note format, which is an HTML formar like Evernote’s notes. However, no there aren’t the same controls available.

Here is a screen capture showing the Editing bar along with the Font and Color panels open…

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I agree with you. A lot of the time I want to create notes. I have no care for Markdown, so create a Richtext document. It is fine but so like using Textedit. I use the menubar icon to create notes.

You can create a custom template.I have never really been satisfied with that.

Evernote has moved to that electron app interface where you hover over things and menus appear (like Notion). I am not a programmer but I dont think that kind of interface would be possible because Devonthink is a proper traditional application.

There is so much more to Devonthink than being a notetaker though.


The EN note format is enml (basically html)
Agreed, the Evernote editor had a more extensive feature-set

I use the formatted note editor (html) and rarely use heading styles or other extended features
If needed, I switch to an external text editor and edit the html code


Thank you very much everyone for the responses.

The truth is that what I miss is that for example when I am writing a new note (rich format for example) I can choose in the same bar that DEVONthink has:
-Color of the text.
-Text size
-Font of the text.
-H1,h2,h3,h4,h5 and h6.

That is, something similar to what you see in external windows (as I showed in attachments or as you show me) but integrated into that toolbar.

Is it possible to include it in the future of DEVONthink?

It solved me very annoying to open new windows to set a font size or choose a color …

Thanks! =)

The request is noted but no promises on whether that would be added. If so, it would likely not be for quite some time.

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I appreciate that you keep it in mind, it would be so amazing perfect then … :slight_smile:

It’s worth noting that you can set DevonThink to open an external editor of your choice when you double click a file. So when you need additional formatting you can simply double click, edit the file and upon save it’ll automatically be updated in DT. That’s something that wasn’t possible in OneNote, and I presume not in Evernote either.

In my case I tend to use Markdown, and occasionally RTF. When I want to do something fancy in MarkDown I double click and it opens in Panda. If I’m using RTF I double click and it opens in MS Word. That way you can get a good, simple editor built-in, but the flexibility to use virtually any application that suits you when you need it.

If you like .doc or .docx as formats you can create the files from a template and then edit externally (you’ll be able to view in DT). I use Mindnode for mind maps - DT can create a new, empty mind map from a template I’ve set up which I can then double-click to open in Mindnode for editing.

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