Evernote question

I used the built-in Evernote import function to bring a large-ish notebook (~3000 notes) into DTP. It seems to have worked. But Finder says that the sizes of my folders have not changed, so I’m guessing the notes have not been duplicated into DTP–but rather indexed. That’s fine with me. I’d love to know more.

If I add stuff to Evernote and perform another import, will the already-imported notes be detected and ignored? Or do I need to start a new notebook in Evernote, to avoid importing duplicates?

(Since I’ve used Evernote primarily for capturing web pages and scanning, and can now do that directly into DTPO, I don’t think that’s going to be much of an issue.)


The notes are imported, not indexed. The size of your DEVONthink database package should have increased by at least as much as the size of the notes. Reimporting a notebook will duplicate all the previously imported notes.

Thanks, Korm. I realized that I was actually looking at the cmd-i panel for the whole drive, so moving the notes into DTP meant no net gain in size.

I’ll start a new Evernote notebook so that I don’t duplicate the import.


Too bad Evernote cannot be indexed as a folder, so that it is updated automatically. Creating a new folder in EN everytime I import notes into DTP is a nuisance as it disturbes the organization of stuff in EN.

Does anyone have an alternative solution to the need to have a mobile note taking app (android, iOS and Mac), that could be integrated with DTP to a) update/sync automatically and b) contain (and display) metadata (creation, modification date etc., no tags needed)?

From the reply I infer that if I delete a note in Evernote it will stay in my Devon database.
Is it so?


Correct. An imported note is part of the database so an external deletion would have no effect.