Evernote Script after recent update

I periodically import notes from Evernote and so far this process worked like a charm…until I update DT day before yesterday. Post update, when I would import a new note the whole notebook imported duplicating previous notes, whereas pre-update only new notes would import. Is this a bug? How do I fix this? Is there any harm in deleting the imported notebook and starting from scratch by re-importing the evernote notes again. Otherwise it will take forever to to get rid of the duplicate notes as there are many.

The latest import doesn’t use URLs linking back to Evernote and therefore can’t skip already imported notes anymore. The source URL of the notes is imported instead. This was requested by many users switching from Evernote to DEVONthink.

But you could of course delete the Evernote group and import the notes again. The next maintenance release will also speed up importing from Evernote tremendously by working around the shortcomings of Evernote.

My main concern is that I daily add new notes to a particular notebook in Evernote (working on a dissertation). prior to the update, I could import and it would only send over the most recent note. Is this not the case any longer?? Who would want to get rid of that?? Kind of defeats the purpose of the import. I really hope I am misunderstanding.

Correct, this is no longer the case.

It’s not a matter of “wanting to get rid of that”. It’s a byproduct of the mechanism currently in use.

well that’s really too bad. That was the best part of the feature. It was usable, made sense. Not sure what was gained, but certainly the loss is clear. Thanks for responding. :slight_smile:

I think the DT folks have had to deal with 2 conflicting requirements here:

  • Your need is for the url to reference the Evernote document, so that DT can identify document references in EN that aren’t imported and just bring in the new ones

  • The conflicting requirement is from those users who want to sever the connection with EN (maybe to delete EN, ultimately) and therefore (a) can’t work with a url that points into EN and (b) need the url to reference the origin of the EN note (web page or whatever).

I don’t see how both needs can be satisfied easily - they’re mutually exclusive. There’s obviously scope for a debate about which of the two needs should take priority but, from this other posts, it seems the DT guys believe that the weight of opinion is for the new mechanism.

I suppose it’s possible that DT could have a preference where you could choose where urls for imported EN notes pointed; I expect it would have to be a global preference - applies to ALL EN imports - otherwise the range of use cases would become impossible to manage. Just a thought.