Evernote Transition Question


Potential new user, wanted to ask an initial question before I dive in to what obviously a very deep application.

One of things I like abut Evernote is that I can drag a PDF into the app and then add text notes alongside the PDF. I have tried Keep it as a replacement and this is not possible.

In Devonthink it seems that if I drag a PDF to the dock icon then it imports as a PDF and I can’t add notes alongside. If I create a rich note and then copy and paste the PDF then I can add notes alongside.

I would like to drag to the icon and then later add, potentially rich, notes along side the PDF, is this possible?

Thanks for your help.


Both Keep It and Devonthink can do these mixed media notes, or notes with attachments. In Keep It, they are stored as .kptnote files (basically nicer looking .rtfd files) and Devon stores them as .rtfd.

Since both Keep It and Devon can store the raw files and Evernote on the contrary embeds files like PDFs into its own html based note format, dragging something onto Keep It’s or Devon’s dock icon will import the file in its original format, wheres Evernote creates proprietary notes all the time.

If you want to use mixed media “notes” in Devon and Keep It, there is no other way (I’m aware of) than to create a new note/rtf first and to then drag PDFs into those notes/files.

If you don’t create a rich text note first, you could also use Devon’s annotation feature, to later add notes any file.

Also, Devon has extensive linking capabilities. You could just paste a PDF item link into a note, instead of embedding stuff into rich text with attachment notes.
Wikilinks can also be used to reference other items.

Thanks for the help everyone. Not sure Devonthink is for me based on this.

Small thing I know but it’s how I want my workflow.