exactscan always crashes

I just can’t make it work. It crashes 100% of the time. sometimes I manage to get the exactscan application and I can see all the options/profiles but when I click preview or scan, it crashes within seconds.

my scanner is a canon lide 500F, which has worked perfectly with a variety of software under windows and mac OS for 3 years.

Exactscan does recognizes the scanner (if it hasn’t crashed before)

Since scanning is 90% of my activities with devonthink, it makes this software pretty useless to me.

the “image capture” scanning option is not viable, I can’t choose the format of the scan (I use mostly TIFF) and the scanner option in the DT menu is always greyed out. Plus I need to to multiple page TIFFs.

Has anyone any suggestion?
could something be wrong with my mac?

I’ve also got a CanoScan LIDE 500F, and it has always worked perfectly with ExactScan using DTPO 1.x.

It’s also working with both ExactScan and Image Capture with the new ABBYY OCR engine in a test version of DTPO2, by the way, so a release with ABBYY OCR shouldn’t be too far away.

Have you tried creating a new user account to allow isolation of possible software problems on your computer?

Are you using a USB hub? Try connecting the CanoScan directly to a USB port on the computer.

If those suggestions don’t help, please send a message to Support describing the problem. Attach to the message your ExactScan crash log, any relevant Console messages and your computer’s Profile.

Please send the crash report and the Console output together (can be found using the COnsole application in Applications > Utilities) with the details of your scanner, computer and connections to support@devon-technologies.com and we’ll forward it to ExactCode. The version shipping with DT2 is also in beta so the sooner they get it the faster we can stabilise that product as well. Thanks!

Hi Bill,
the scanner is directly connected to the mac
i don’t do OCR
however, I created a new user account and exactscan did work (although, the first it tried to calibrate the scanner and after 9 minutes it was still hanging) So I force-quitted it, calibrated the scanner with Canon’s software and was able to scan 4 documents in a row without a crash. Hurra!
I’m actually surprised that Mac OS has such a deep demarcation in the installed software, settings etc. between profiles

I assume the problem is not Exactscan fault, so does that mean I have to delete my current profile? (I’m a bit scared of that because I saw the new profile I created is years behind my old profile in regards to software I installed, customization, documents, pictures, music folders)
sounds like a nightmare to migrate all these files and settings.

I’ll try to google this migration issue, I’m sure I’ll find a easy way to move my data.

Many thanks for the tip.

The purpose of creating a new user account when things get flaky is to check for the possibility that some of the detritus installed into your User Library by various applications and utilities over the years may be causing problems. Your pictures, documents, and music folders can be presumed innocent. I would take a cold, hard look at some of those “customization” things.

“Customization” often is provided by utilities that change the appearance or behavior of OS X. Which is to say, such utilities “hack” into the code of OS X.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be dangerous, and it can be even more dangerous if such hacks are not kept up to date with the series of Apple’s updates and upgrades to the operating system.

Your experiment seems to indicate that something installed in your regular user account has gone rogue and is frakking your computer.

Take the opportunity to inventory and check out third-party preference panes, Input Manager plugins, Contextual Menu Items and third-party plugins to QuickTIme. Have you kept them up to date? If you do a Google search about a utility, are there complaints about errors caused by that utility? The Apple forums are often useful to help identify software that may not be all that trustworthy.

You may be able to identify one or more culprits that, either by updating or removal, will clear up the situation in your regular user account, and save yourself the pain of migrating to a new account. Note that simply moving everything in one user account to a new one is likely to also move the problems over to the new one. :slight_smile: