Exactscan, Brother and scan via WLAN

Dear all,

I have bought a Brother DCP J715W and it runs quite well under Lion. However, I unfortunately cannot scan via WLAN in Exactscan.
If I scan in DTP via Digital Pictures and WLAN I don’t have any problems at all, but Exactscan asks for a TWAIN source and then I get the error message MTW005.

Do you plan to update the Exactscan in DTP and by when? It’s a great program and I really don’t want to miss it, but it seems not to run properly under Lion.

I would really appreciate, if somebody has any idea for my problem.

Thanks and cheers,

Hi there,
does no one has any idea? Will there be an Exact Scan Update by DevonTechnologies or do I have to buy it myself?

Please let me know.