Exalead (still possible to use) ?

Learned about Exalead using devonAgnet, but notice that the plugin is obsolete on the current version. Being a new user, I wonder if it is possible to use it as a search source in devonAgent ? Seems like an interesting search tool.

Thanks for an any information.

Cheers !

Hi. I think it used to be in the standard Web Search Sets in DEVONagent, but it is not there anymore, and I am not aware of it being especially popular outside of France. What did you find interesting about it?

At any rate, I can’t seem to get it to work when I point DEVONagent to the site. Perhaps they did something to discourage folks from using automated services like DEVONagent to search the site. I don’t know.


Partly intrigued because it was new to me and also how it lent itself to categorized search (shown with category lists on the left, especially the year filter). Of course, I can still use the site in the devonAgent browser (-> devonThink : ).

Thanks, guys for your inputs !