Exclude locked items from advanced searches?

Is this possible? This could apply to the other binaries (flagged, read). I’m looking for a method to exclude from search results where lock = true. TIA

Use this setting in the Advanced settings in Search

Thanks Korm, but I must have stated it incorrectly. I want to exclude items where locking in on, rather than where locking is off.

That condition WILL EXCLUDE locked item.
It says “Show me everything that is NOT locked”.

If I understand what you are hoping to do, that should accomplish it, no? :question:

NOT(Locking==TRUE) ==> Locking==FALSE

Which is the same as the condition in the setting I showed you --> “Locking == Off”

Test it yourself, and explain why the suggestion does not work, please.

I see where I confused the issue. If that was the only search predicate, then “locking is off” would work. What I want is a report that returns “Any” of the things to be true, but not if they’re locked?

Try this.
Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 2.01.30 PM.png

Thanks for the help, all. Working now.