Exclude text from AI features?

Is it possible to exclude specific text within a note from the AI of DT? Maybe if you surround the text in special characters DT would ignore it?

I’ve been including author and book title in each note/quote I take from a book (because I want that information with the note when I export them), but I’ve noticed that when I do this that DT’s See Also feature becomes useless because almost all of the items it returns are due to the common author/book in the entries. If I take the author/book out of the entries, the results change considerably.

I guess I’m looking for a way to include the author/book information in each note, yet have the See Also results be meaningful. Any ideas?

It’s only possible to exclude complete documents/groups from See Also/Classify, see Info panel. In the future it might be possible to exclude certain words via the concordance but it’s currently unlikely that it will be possible to exclude parts of documents.

Note that you can use “See Selected Text”, which will limit the artificial intelligence routine to suggesting other documents that are contextually related to the selected text.

That should produce results similar to those you would obtain were you able to exclude the title and author content in the note when using “See Also”.

Thanks for the GREAT tip, that seems to solve my problem. DT continues to amaze! Now, if I could only put an icon on the toolbar to access that feature more easily.