Excluding partial matches in searches

I am searching a database with the entries
“led” inside display

which as I understand it should give only results with all three words, and the “led” should not include partial matches such as
but this is exactly what happens. How can I get the program to return hits only including the word “LED”, not part of some other word line include, peopled, etc.? I have found no help topic on this.

With what “three words”?
A screencapture would be helpful.

The example attached actually has four words in the search bar; sorry for the in-stream change. For a moment I thought that the separate word
was in fact present in all the results (even though all I saw highlighted were words like “entailed”, etc.). Adobe Reader itself seems to be the only program that will restrict searches of pdf files in case sensitivity. It did find “LED” in some of these files.

However, the one in the attachment does not, according to Reader, have “LED” in it. So I’m still mystified as to how to get Devonthink to restrict the results to files containing a separate word


Searching PDFs will always match substrings. This is a limitation of the framework we use.

Okay, thanks for the reply and clarification.

Probably in most cases one can use the “Near/m”, “Before/m”, and “After/p” functions to narrow it down. (I just learned about those :slight_smile: )

I use the NEAR operator quite often myself. :smiley: