Expanding the usefulness of Clip to DEVONthink

A combination that I’ve found extremely useful is the free PrintWhatYouLike bookmarklet in conjunction with Clip to DEVONthink. The PrintWhatYouLike bookmarklet selectively removes ads, images, and junk from pages. It isolates specific content, refits to width, changes fonts and sizes. It even has an Undo.

When you’re done extracting just the content you want, close the PrintWhatYouLike dialog and use Clip to DEVONthink instead of printing or saving the page.

Two bookmarklets side-by-side in my browser’s bookmark bar. Try out the amazing PrintWhatYouLike bookmarklet <www.printwhatyoulike.com>. Now if Clip to DEVONthink added some of those capabilities. What’s a little more Javascript?

Thanks for the suggestion! Probably this combination is only working if you’re going to add selection, text or HTML pages to DEVONthink. Web archives or PDF documents have to be downloaded & rendered by DEVONthink on its own as browsers don’t provide access to the necessary data.

In addition, after removing all images & the background, the Clip to DEVONthink bookmarklet doesn’t look as expected anymore too. Not sure if this can be fixed but I’ll forward it.

I primarily extract smaller chunks of content. My results are improved by quickly selecting and isolating multiple sections, removing excess icons, images, etc., before getting it into DEVONthink.

The Clip to DEVONthink bookmarlet as it stands now is not that useful to this process. I was kinda thinking ahead about its potential with added javascript.

For my purposes, I can usually copy web content extracted and organized by the PrintWhatYouLike process and then paste it into a DEVONthink RTF or RTFD document. The results are not perfect, but most formatting and links are retained. More than by using Clip to DEVONthink and its NOTE button. Also, more than by using Services > DEVONthink Pro Office > Take Rich Note or its ⌘) shortcut.

To handle extracted content as a DEVONthink PDF document, I select Print and choose Save PDF in DEVONthink Pro. The results only include the extracted content. Extracted content as a Web Archive works the same way using Save As… Web Archive in my DT Inbox.