Experience with upgrade to DTTG 3 and switch from iCloud legacy to Cloudkit

Sharing my experience of upgrading DTTG and switching sync method:

Upgrade to DTTG 3.01

  • I had an iPhone and an iPad running with DTTG 2.7.9
  • I downloaded DTTG 3.01 and started the app (DTTG 2.7.9 still in place)
  • Bad news: On both devices the databases were not showing under DTTG 3.0.
  • I had to sync the data and used Bonjour - took quite some time - 5 database in total 82GB and about 60.000 objects.
    Feedback to Support:
    I would have loved to get more information how to upgrade in the iOS App explanation and maybe a screen after the first start of DTTG 3

Switch from iCloud legacy to CloudKit
Since the iCloud CloudKit sync was brand new, I would have loved to find a clear guidance how to do the switch instead of having to search the forum to get an idea.
I am sure that it might be written somewhere but not prominent enough for me to run into it :slight_smile:

Here is how I succeeded to switch:

  • I kept all all other devices off
  • On my Mac mini, I went to sync section in preference and used context command to clean the storage location (german version says “Speichert löschen…” – this is important to make sure to free up disk space used by the legacy iCloud sync
  • Then I deleted iCloud legacy – seemed to be the same effect like unchecking the box
  • I checked the iCloud CloudKit box and selected one database after the other for sync
  • I also experienced a lot of errors messages as reported here the forum and restarted DT3.6.2 a few times: (like CKErrorDomain 4, http status code 503 CKErrorDomain 7)
  • The advice to reduce the max connection in the sync preference to about 4 did the trick
    I started with one and the errors disappeared and increased to 2 and then to 4)
  • I took several hours but finally all databases were uploaded.

First impression:
Thank you DEVONthing Team, great job with DTTG 3 and iCloud CloudKit sync, both a major improvement!!

Thanks for the nice feedback and comments.

With your bad news, what did you see in version 3?

Hi Jim,
after starting DTTG 3 the first time, there were only the basic folders (Eingänge, Tags und Papierkorb) and the smart groups presented. None of my databases were shown or offered to do something.
I had hoped that, DTTG 3 would be able to take over the databases directly from DTTG 2.x.

I recall that there have been also crashes during startup of the app in the beginning.

I did the iPad first and lateron the iPhone. There opened DTTG 2.x to have it active and immediately open DTTG 3 but no difference, the already loaded databases did not show up.

In the settings, I checked the storage demand. It reported a big consumption which the comment that it was shared by two apps and a smaller chunk corresponding to either of the two apps - don’t recall which.

Have a nice Sunday – best regards,

Gonna hop on here and add my 2¢ — sync is now faster than ever. It’s made a world of difference in my day-to-day use of DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go, and I couldn’t be happier.


Thanks for sharing your experience! :slight_smile:

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I have really enjoyed the new experience as well. Thanks so much!


Wonderful! We’re glad to hear it :slight_smile: