Experience with upgrade to DTTG 3 and switch from iCloud legacy to Cloudkit

Sharing my experience of upgrading DTTG and switching sync method:

Upgrade to DTTG 3.01

  • I had an iPhone and an iPad running with DTTG 2.7.9
  • I downloaded DTTG 3.01 and started the app (DTTG 2.7.9 still in place)
  • Bad news: On both devices the databases were not showing under DTTG 3.0.
  • I had to sync the data and used Bonjour - took quite some time - 5 database in total 82GB and about 60.000 objects.
    Feedback to Support:
    I would have loved to get more information how to upgrade in the iOS App explanation and maybe a screen after the first start of DTTG 3

Switch from iCloud legacy to CloudKit
Since the iCloud CloudKit sync was brand new, I would have loved to find a clear guidance how to do the switch instead of having to search the forum to get an idea.
I am sure that it might be written somewhere but not prominent enough for me to run into it :slight_smile:

Here is how I succeeded to switch:

  • I kept all all other devices off
  • On my Mac mini, I went to sync section in preference and used context command to clean the storage location (german version says “Speichert löschen…” – this is important to make sure to free up disk space used by the legacy iCloud sync
  • Then I deleted iCloud legacy – seemed to be the same effect like unchecking the box
  • I checked the iCloud CloudKit box and selected one database after the other for sync
  • I also experienced a lot of errors messages as reported here the forum and restarted DT3.6.2 a few times: (like CKErrorDomain 4, http status code 503 CKErrorDomain 7)
  • The advice to reduce the max connection in the sync preference to about 4 did the trick
    I started with one and the errors disappeared and increased to 2 and then to 4)
  • I took several hours but finally all databases were uploaded.

First impression:
Thank you DEVONthing Team, great job with DTTG 3 and iCloud CloudKit sync, both a major improvement!!

Thanks for the nice feedback and comments.

With your bad news, what did you see in version 3?

Hi Jim,
after starting DTTG 3 the first time, there were only the basic folders (Eingänge, Tags und Papierkorb) and the smart groups presented. None of my databases were shown or offered to do something.
I had hoped that, DTTG 3 would be able to take over the databases directly from DTTG 2.x.

I recall that there have been also crashes during startup of the app in the beginning.

I did the iPad first and lateron the iPhone. There opened DTTG 2.x to have it active and immediately open DTTG 3 but no difference, the already loaded databases did not show up.

In the settings, I checked the storage demand. It reported a big consumption which the comment that it was shared by two apps and a smaller chunk corresponding to either of the two apps - don’t recall which.

Have a nice Sunday – best regards,

Gonna hop on here and add my 2¢ — sync is now faster than ever. It’s made a world of difference in my day-to-day use of DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go, and I couldn’t be happier.


Thanks for sharing your experience! :slight_smile:

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I have really enjoyed the new experience as well. Thanks so much!


Wonderful! We’re glad to hear it :slight_smile:

Morning! Quick question before I mess it all up. My softw eng bias led me to think that CloudKit is more future-proof than Legacy (duh!), and therefore attempted a transition by first enabling CloudKit, in addition to already enabled Legacy. Took a few days, but both are now syncing. (no particular error to report) Is it now safe to disable/clean Legacy, or are they both basically aliases of the same location? What does “clean” do, and where?


  • They are not aliases of the same location. They are independent of each other, just as all sync locations are.
  • Yes you can clean and disable the Legacy location.
    Cleaning removes the sync data from a sync location.

I am a newbie to DevonThink. I have been kinda experimenting with it for the last 6mos.

One issue is that on the Mac DT3 would always complain that the database was not closed properly. Having spent 20 years in IT I don’t really think that that’s a good thing.

The other major hurtle that I have been unable to overcome is how to set up the databases to sync.

The way I read the original post is that the author expressed a need for more information on the best way the implement CloudKit.

I would really appreciate a YouTube video on how to set it up!

I read a recent post on CloudKit syncing and did not even understand the first step.

  1. Enable the iCloud (CloudKit) sync location, entering an optional encryption key, if desired.

Where, how?

Maybe you could find an intern or a newbie and have them follow your steps and see where they have issues.

I would suggest you at least consider having the first database in cloudkit Set up as part of the installation. During the installation you could ask the users questions that would then configure the initial sync’d database in a standard way.

Maybe I missed it, does anybody have a pointer to the detailed set up steps for syncing via cloudkit. I have iCloud, two Macs, an iPad and an iPhone that I would like to be able to share data amongst.

I clicked database on iOS and with just 60 items in the database it has been 15 min of spinning symbol.

You mean other than the chapters on sync in the DT and DTTG handbooks?

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You have a separate thread on that issue and didn’t respond for six weeks :wink: obviously it is not a good thing if your databases are not being properly closed; however, there aren’t many posts about this, suggesting there is something going on specifically with your setup. As such, it would be advisable to follow up the issue in your previous thread, or - if necessary- start a support ticket.

It’s basically impossible to respond to this; which spinning symbol? Where? What were you trying to do? Assuming you mean sync took a long time, were any errors logged? Which sync setup are you using? If using iCloud, be aware that iCloud can - in my experience - sometimes be so slow, it makes a cold-blooded lizard in the depths of winter look fast.

The answer is on the web.

Thanks for the help.

Snarky answers are always appreciated when you are struggling to learn complex software.

When did it get added into Kissle’s book, when did it get added into the manual.
Evidently after I last downloaded them.

I thought that it was a relatively new feature and was just looking for some help.Which I guess you kinda provided, it made me look at the most recent version of the manuals.

Just an FYI, I have found YouTube Videos that explain how to set up features very helpful.

I guess that’s a fair response; I apologise to you for the undertone of my post. There is a new version of the handbook for each release; DT are good that way.

Goes to show how different people are :slight_smile: In most situations I find videos much too longwinded and prefer a succinct text. I don’t know whether DT provide videos - a lot of time could go into producing videos for the many complex features DT3 has to offer; and videos can’t simply be updated for every version, but would need to be reproduced from scratch if anything changed (and check out the change logs…).

Sorry, my reply also had undertones of snarkiness.

Late night, frustrating day.

Thanks for your help.

Re: Videos, once you get the process set up it is pretty simple to make the videos, they are often long winded but don’t have to be and sometimes it is the best way to show users how to do something the right way. A 3-4 min video would probably be all that it would take to explain setting up the databases and how to sync them.

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No worries :slight_smile:

Have you got sync working? There are almost endless threads on sync here in the forum, and no “one size fits all”; I have found iCloud to be unreliable (and so never used it for DT), but others report it to be the best solution. Most have no trouble with Bonjour, and for some it’s hell.

Assuming your setup is correct, you may need to play with the various options available to see which works best for you. Otherwise post screen caps of your settings on the devices involved :slight_smile:

If simple written instructions for a tool which focuses on managing “written” documents are not simple enough for DEVONthink users, how would a 3-4 minute video be (that in addition to the Handbook and Help that DEVON Technologies always updates on updated software) be of greater added value? I’m with @blanc to prefer written instructions that I can read and execute at my own pace. Your mileage, of course, varies.

I of course am well aware it’s not a zero-sum issue and the more help the merrier!

Perhaps you could make a short video and post on YouTube (or somewhere) what you have learned. When done, provide the link here for other video enthusiasts!?

I think some people will find a visual approach to learning the more useful experience. Whilst for things IT that’s not the case for me, I do prefer moving images (ie video) when trying to learn something which requires me to think or move in 3 dimensions (consider, for example, a bri flip on a scooter; although, on second thoughts, I’d probably use a dual approach here: written instructions followed by video).

Like I said, it’s not a zero-sum issue. No need to choose if someone produces more.

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