Explain DT Sync To Me

I read the blog faithfully and frequently search the forum. But I’m having trouble finding some definitive statements on what Sync will be like when it arrives. So could someone answer some questions for me?

  1. I know DropBox and webdav are talked about. Is the aim to sync with just these two types, or will Box.net, sugar sync, iCloud, also work? (if the answer is “yes, eventually”, what support will come first?)

  2. How exactly will DTTG work with the sync technology? Can databases be perused without downloading? Does the whole thing need to be downloaded? Can only some be downloaded? Will it sync back upon edits?

  3. Will DEVONtechnologies be offering there own sync storage for users?


Each type will be evaluated separately in terms of the demand for it vs. the effort required. iCloud is a very difficult interface and, AFAICT, is unwilling to support this sort of system. Box.net/Box.com will probably be supported unless they have a massive and difficult API (I haven’t reviewed it yet). Same for Sugar Sync. Amazon S3 and Google will probably be supported too.

In general, these technologies take a while to incorporate and test, add the UI stuff, etc, so they don’t come for free.

Sync is only for copying a database between two machines and synchronizing the changes. There’s no other functionality (viewing, partial syncing, etc) at this time. However, the version of Sync that will be incorporated into DTTG will be uncrippled – it will support multiple databases, multiple locations, etc just as the desktop version does, and work in the same way.

The subject has been discussed. Basically re-creating Dropbox to cater only to DEVONthink users has a number of major obstacles and would require a lot of time, effort, and expense.

Thanks for your reply.

I gotta say, I’m a little bummed about the DTTG lack of browsing :slight_smile: Evernote’s ubiquity is so attractive for that reason.

Evernote also forces Users to login to their system and be locked into their software. :imp:

I quit using Evernote two years ago because of these obnoxious behaviors. /rant over

For most of us who are logged into facebook and twitter all day, I don’t care much about another login :slight_smile: