Export a PDF out of DT

Newbie here. Searching the forums didn’t help so I’ll ask what is probably a simple question.

I have about two dozen PDFs in DT Pro. I’ve decided these don’t need to be in DT and instead would like to export them out and store them on my iDisk so I can access these particular files from all of my Macs, my iPhone and the web. I haven’t been able to figure out the correct way to export them (assuming that’s possible). When I search for the files, I’m able to locate to versions of each file: one a PDF and the other a DevonThink Pro Office Document, the later has a more recent edit date so I assume that’s the file I’ve annotated.

So the question is, how do I export or remove a file from the DT database so I can use it outside of DT?


It’s really not difficult at all.

Find the PDFs you want to move to iDisk, select them in the list of items at the top of the DB, then click and drag to your Mac’s desktop. This action will create true copies of your PDFs, which you can check by opening them in Preview. If they look fine, then drag them to your iDisk.

Now, highlight them again in DTPO and delete them (or keep them if you want). Once they’re on iDisk, delete them from your Desktop.

By the way: I don’t have iDisk so I can’t try it but you may be able to simply drag them from within DTPO directly into iDisk, bypassing the “drop on the Desktop” step.