Export Annotations to a spreadsheet

Can someone PLEASE help? While I love the idea of DT3 I am having trouble getting it to do what I want to do. I want to,

  1. Highlight PDFs, which will create annotations
  2. I then want to export these annotations to a spreadsheet. In the export, I’d like to see the annotation page number, the DT3 link to the page, Type, Annotation color, Content, Date, Details, the customer field/attributes I’ve created for the PDF.

I thought that this thread was going to do it for me: Annotation Pane (Annotation with Links, Notes, Tags v3). But after spending nearly two hours at it I am SOOOO confused. I would think that this would such a standard and expected capability. So, I’m not sure why it seems so hard. Can someone help strip my of my ignorance?

First, I’m curious how you conclude that this such a “standard and expected” capability? Where in the DEVONthink manual it says this can be done?

I’ve done a quick google and the only tool I noticed (did not look hard, so you can look harder) that appears to do this is https://kbpdfstudio.qoppa.com/export-pdf-comments-to-excel/ PDF Studio. I don’t see where Apple’s Preview (which uses Apple’s “kit” for PDF) or DEVONthink (which also uses Apple’s “kit” for PDF) has this capability.

Recommend you buy a tool that does it, and then in DEVONthink use the “Open with” command to open the commented PDF into that tool to export.


We’ll, based on interaction with others and the “hope”, more than anything, that by now that there would be a streamlined experience for getting relevant data out of Devonthink for use in other places.

I never said it was in the documentation. Nor did I way it was everyone else expectation. I basically said it was mine, i.e. “I would think…”. Again, and maybe this is just my hope and expiation, that not only does software let you put stuff in it, and let you do stuff in it, but it would also let you get stuff out efficiently and effectively.

Clearly, you used more effective search terms than I did. I guess you easy is my hard. I was looking in the context of Devonthink, not the general PDF. Thanks for making the effort and finding an option for me to explore.

Sound recommendation.

For your information you can start your search via Google or other with “export pdf comments to excel“. Enjoy.

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Yup…could not agree more, but I got fixated on the “context” of Devonthink and NOT straight PDF to Excel…that was my fundamental error.

Not directly what you want, but maybe a starter for you. See: Script: Create "Summarize Highlights" TSV for import into Tinderbox



Thanks, @rmschne, actually this is exactly what I want/need! :slight_smile: