Export as Web Archive no longer working correctly

My normal work routine is to use DA to search and then to export the results to DT as web archives. I have been doing that for years and at the beginning of the capability years ago, there were issues that seem to resolve over time and the process has worked well since then. However, recently a large number of the web archives that I import are blank when I try to view them in DT. The metadata is correct and the text seems to be present in the database but the viewer is blank and the URL field flashes on and off. So, I went back to an older way of doing things and first exported the DA results to DT as URL’s and then used the “Convert URL’s to Web Archives” script which thankfully worked as expected.

So, either something is corrupt in my system or there is a new flaw in the routine which is supposed to handle this issue. I would prefer to go back to the simpler, one-step procedure so any help with figuring this out would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe a temporary issue, both DEVONthink and DEVONagent create web archives the same way. Are you able to reproduce this and does a restart of the computer fix this?

" both DEVONthink and DEVONagent create web archives the same way."

I would guess so but in this case, I am getting very different results.

"Are you able to reproduce this "

Yes, it is happening every time I send results from DA to DT.

“does a restart of the computer fix this?”

If it were that easy, I would never have posted this! :slight_smile:

Do you remember when these issues started?

Must have been fairly recently since it was so crippling to my work- I would guess within the last eight weeks or so.

There was an OS update during the last 8 weeks but no update of DEVONthink/agent. Could you please post some URLs that weren’t added successfully?

Turns out that I had to do a complete reinstall of DT (something on my end) and now the export process is again working perfectly. Anyway, I will keep my eye on it of course but for now the problem appears to have resolved.

Thanks anyway.