Export as Website: How to handle subfolders?

I’ve tried helping myself to avoid asking this, but all the links to sample templates and scripts are dead. The big problem is: subfolders (aka groups). Say we have these items inside group “BIG TOP”:


If I make a Table of Contents after selecting the three GROUPs, I get three links that point to nothing. Of course, one would want them to point to files like “GROUPONE.html” and so on, where the “GROUP ONE” is a heading, <h2> say, and the files are concatenated, with titles as <h3>, and body as body.

If I make a Table of Contents after selecting all the above, I get a mix of dead (for the groups) and working (for the rtf files) links.

How to handle this? And how to handle groups, which seem doomed to be dead links?

Via Tools > Create Table of Contents? This command uses only the selected items. But File > Export > As Website… can optionally create index pages (see options of the export panel).

Thanks. I figured some of it out. Is there a markup we can use inside our RTF that will trigger html styles. How do we trigger <blockquote>, for example?

That’s not possible, only Markdown supports such things.

Thanks Christian.

But I think DT must be able to translate markdown into HTML by some means?

Is there some mediating step(s) I can add to my workflow to turn a Markdown document into an HTML equivalent? Some way that I can take a plain-text or RTF document, add Markdown characters, and then process it so that, for example —

  • “>” gets turned into “<blockquote>”
  • “**hello” gets turned into “<b>hello</b>”
  • “* Hello” gets turned into “<ul><li>Hello<li><ul>”

… and so on?

Sure. E.g. the preview of Markdown documents uses HTML or the command Data > Convert > to HTML. But you can’t use HTML or Markdown in plain or rich text, only in Markdown documents.

Thanks again.

Last question pair:

(1) Does Export > As Website also render Markdown documents as HTML? I would like to do a conversion from Markdown → HTML, but one that includes all the facilities of Export > As Website (such as the index file and TOC-like listings).

If not, is there (2) another way I can get Markdown properly rendered inside the Export > As Website stream? That is, can I go Markdown → ??? → Export > As Website → HTML in such a way that a “>” from the Markdown file eventually a becomes “<blockquote>” in the final export, which is embedded in a nicely contained website?

It does.