Export bookmarks

I’m putting together a data management workshop based around DevonThink, and I want to demonstrate DevonAgent too. My problem is that I work with DA on my iMac and need to do the demonstrating on my MacBook - as there is no Export Bookmarks on DevonAgent, I seem to be stuck with copying key bookmarks across URL by URL via a document. Is there an export facility planned?

Thank you for the feedback! It’s indeed not yet possible to export bookmarks, we’ll add this to a future release. In the meantime you could copy the file ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONagent/Bookmarks.plist from one computer to the other.


It’s good to hear the feature will be there one day. In the meantime, there is no DEVONagent folder nor Bookmarks.plist file anywhere on my machine. Spotlight doesn’t seem to locate any bookmarks when I search for them by name either.


If your computer did not have the .plist file noted by Christian that would mean that you have no bookmarks in DEVONagent Pro, and your question would be moot, as there would be no bookmarks to transfer.

If you do have bookmarks, that .plist file is surely at the designated location.

Lion doesn’t display the user Library, by default. There are several ways to see and access user Library contents. In the Finder, choose Go in the menubar, then Go to Folder. Enter this string (copy/paste works) to locate the .plist file that holds DEVONagent’s bookmarks: ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONagent/

The latest version is able to export bookmarks via File > Export > Bookmarks… as OPML. The exported file can of course be imported again (e.g. on another computer) or imported to search sets or to DEVONthink for example.


Ah, I was looking on Mac HD rather than my user account - found it now. Elementary OSX mistake methinks!


I got the transfer from the above, and yes I got the new version to export, but it looks like the import is to search sets rather than as bookmarks in DevonAgent. By the way, my preliminary demonstration of DA and DT went down well. It’s just one workshop booked for the moment, but who knows, it could grow. Demonstrating side by side with some of the PC freeware tools for academic referencing was interesting. I think DevonTech could have some competition coming up with online cloud solutions. I’ve been thinking of emailing you some suggestions as to how you might club together with some other developers to integrate your stuff and keep ahead of the growing market for free or cheap online suites. The one thing I’m going to have to explain in any future workshops is the value for money when paying for applications installed on Macs. Currently, the iPad integration with synced apps like To Go helps though.

If the frontmost window is a browser window, you could use the bookmarks pane and its action/contextual menu to import the exported stuff again.