Export DB from DTPro 2 to DTPro 1.x?

is it possible to export a database created in DevonThink Pro Office 2.x
for usage in DTPro Office 1.x?

How can I do that?
What will I lose?

Kind regards


You could export all your files (Export > Files and Folders) and then import them into the other database. You’ll lose:

  • replicants,
  • labels,
  • tags (1.x doesn’t support tags - but any tags in the 2.x database will be written to the files as OpenMeta tags, so Punakea, etc., could see them),
  • any item links (x-devonthink-item://) will point to the 2.x instance and will not work as expected,
  • some amount of script functionality (you’d have to troll the release notes to see if anything released since 2.0 matters)
  • templates
  • Spotlight indexes of your database(s)
  • any bug fixes, AI improvements, etc., that came with 2.x
  • probably some other stuff

Just curious, but why would you want to do that?

thanks, korm!

I’ll take the old PowerBook G4 12" with me on holiday (as I’m too afraid that anything bad would happen to my MacBook, which I need for my work, like damage or theft).

The old PowerBook (you’d guess) only runs OS 10.4.x (I don’t have a license for 10.5) and therefore I’ll need DT 1.x).