Export Files and Folders without indexed items

Using the “Export - Files and Folders” function to create an occasional plain backup of my databases creates a backup of the indexed items as well.

Since I make backups of the indexed items separately I am wondering if there is a way to avoid exporting the indexed items.

The only option is probably not to store indexed items inside groups that are going to be exported.

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Why do you have this “overlap”? Every backup software I know got a feature to exclude folders.

It might be that I just don’t understand why it’s necessary to export a database and to set up regular backups, but it always seemed overkill to me. I’m not talking about having several distinct backups, preferably on different disks, on- and offsite etc., there’s likely no overkill in that.

Really curious as this “export + backup” thing seems to be something that a lot of people do. Is it just about having a “DEVONthink group TO Finder folder” fallback folder structure in macOS Finder?


Thanks for your reply. I thought that would be the case.

As storage is cheap nowadays it is important to have different backup media (cloud. local) as well as different ways to backup and not rely on only one method.

Of course my backup software allows me to exclude folders. But that requires to change the backup software when I change something in DT3. Which is a cause for trouble in my opinion as I might forget something.

Backup software should just run in the background and be tested from time to time if it is working as it should.

I guess you’re indexing files/folders that are scattered across the disk? If you don’t (or if you can change the folder structure) then using a structure like the one below should make it easy to exclude all indexed folders (by excluding the indizierte Inhalte folder in the backup software).

Still curious why it’s necessary to do “export + backup” :slight_smile:

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