Export flagged mails in Devonthink

Hi again…

When I export flagged mails from Apple Mail to Devonthink,
it seems that I loose the colord of the flag !
Red, green yellow flag become a sort of grey flag.

Is it possible to identify the original ‘Apple’ color in the Devonthink database ?

Thanks for your help

No, the flagged state for all documents in DEVONthink (not just email) is either on or off, there are no colors for flagged documents.

On this topic, I’ve never understand how the differently colored flags are supposed to work in Apple Mail-the flagged documents on Mail for macOS never match up with the flagged documents in Mail for iOS.

Thanks for your response.

And I agree with you: I don’t understand why the ‘Mac’ flags doesn’t match up with the IOS ones.
Thank you Apple ! :cry:

No hope to add the color of the flags in the future ?
by example via the tags as in EagleFiler …