Export from DA to DT - missing items

Hi there,

I have an archive in DA that when I select all items and drag to the Sorter, a few items do not copy over. Any thoughts?

Why are you using the Sorter? DEVONagent Pro has built in commands to send items to DEVONthink.

Select one or more items from an Archive or a set of search results, or a displayed page. Click on the DEVONthink icon in the Toolbar and choose Resource to send the HTML pages as HTML files. Other options are to capture only as bookmark, or as a digest summary, continuous or paginated PDF or WebArchive.

I suspect that I have a more systemic problem here after upgrading:

DA v3.4
DT Pro V2.4.3

The reason I am using the sorter is that the standard method was failing me - if I do what you outline (I have about 2,000 items in the Archive) then I find that DT crashes after selecting any of Resource, Web Archive, PDF options (on the DT icon). Then, when I open DT (even after many hours to allow for asynch transfer), it tells me the database is open when it is not. But nothing has transferred.

Any thoughts?

First, the “in use” message resulted from the crash, which didn’t properly close the database(s).

I’ve just tested the method I previously recommended, but don’t have any archive with more than a couple of hundred items in its folder. Those items transferred very quickly without issues.

Usually, if I want to save a set of search results to DEVONthink, I do that directly from DEVONagent, without first archiving them.

Some years ago I transferred more than 10,000 search results (from a series of searches) from DEVONagent to DEVONthink Pro, without issues.

Please locate and copy/paste to a reply to this message a DEVONthink crash report that resulted from your attempt to move the files. You will find the crash report at ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/. (If you are using Lion or Mountain Lion, copy that address to the clipboard and (in the Finder) press Shift-Command-G. Paste the address into the query field.)

Hi there,

Thanks for the reply, and I will try the direct DA->DT route you outline (without archiving). Interestingly I cannot find a DT crash log and the last DA crash report was 2008 - good software :slight_smile:

Is it possible the DT log could be in another location?


DEVONthink crash reports would be found at ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter (and also in logs maintained by the Console app).

Definitely no crash report which is interesting in its own right! I can see crash reports for just about everything else but not DT.

The problem is reproducible so I will force it to fail again and check immediately afterwards.