Export Highlights not working

Hi there!
I saved and read an article as rich text, highlighted the parts I was interested, and then converted to pdf to export them. However, no files are created. Using another app to export the highlights of such pdf gave me the same result. The highlights made on the rich text are of another colour (dark yellow), and if I highlight again the pdf, I can export only the newly highlighted parts. This makes me suspect that the export didn’t actually exported also the annotated area. How to fix that?

This conversion does not add any PDF annotation (see e.g. Document > Annotations inspectors) which the export requires.

so how can I export the annotations I made on the rich text note?

Did you try Tools > Summarize Highlights to summarize the rich text?

i can’t do that

Is the rich text document selected in the main view?

yes. I can’t summarize none of such notes

A screenshot of the complete window would be useful.

Just a note: I’m seeing no issue with summarizing highlights in rich text.

it’s a rich text note from the web, captured trough safari extension, I have no problem with notes created from scratch

my bad, it’s a formatted note. If I duplicate it as rich text note, I have no issue

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A future release will support summarizing of web documents too. A copy of the captured document would therefore be great, thanks!