Export HTLM file to inbox

Hi all,
part of my daily routine is to check HTML files on my Syno NAS and use iOS Shortcuts to export some of them (one by one) to my inbox. This can easily be done via share sheet…
But doing so I wouldn’t get the UUID from DTTG.
Is there a way to accomplish this by x-devonthink://createhtml?source= … and if so - how is the syntax???
Or is there another clever alternative?

Would that

perhaps be related?

Unfortunately I found no solution so far.
Here you can see what I want to achieve:

  • get a HTML-file via Share-Sheet
  • transform it to PDF
  • move the PDF to DEVONthink.

    The move command to the destination “DEVONthink on my iPad” works one or two times, then I get the error

    Trying further leads makes the iPad “hang up” - only reboot helps in this case.
    I know, the destination “DEVONthink on my iPad” is not the DEVONthink inbox…
    To avoid this situation I could substitute the “move file” command with “share” - but then I have a further click which I would like to avoid …

… strange enough …
Without any problem I can copy files manually to the DEVONthink To To inbox. But I do not know how to do this with Shortcuts.

Trying to bookmark the local inbox with Toolbox pro - not possible …


Sorry, I can’t help you with that. In its current state. I don’t touch shortcuts with a ten foot pole.

… solved! This shortcut reliably runs on my iPad :-)))

Can you share a link to your Shortcut in case others may find it useful as well?

Here you are


Thanks! I’ll check it out soon.