export/import question

My great goal in life is to develop a routine where I can sync two DTPro databases on two different Macs. But I find it’s a cumbersome process.

At the end of the day, I use the history tool to select the files that have changed, then export them to a thumb drive.

On the other side, I import the files from the thumb drive to the same database on the second Mac.

Here’s where a problem occurs: the imported files (in rtf format) are scattered through my main DTPro listing and I find myself faced with classifying them all again. Is there a way that DTPro can remember the classification on the first Mac and put the imported files in the same folders on the second Mac?

Robert Blade

We share the same experience. Another, though related problem is the export of files from a DT database (for example by dragging them to the desktop) for subsequent use by non-DT-users and then reimporting them into DT. Example: I have to take files from my DT-database to my lawyer who works in a Windows environment (JuriSoft by Kluwer). After these files have been amended by him, I want to reimport them into DT. Unfortunately, these files (names unchanged) are not ‘remembered’ by DT. In a database with thousands of files, not an easy task. It would be great if DT could keep record of the files it contains. Technically spoken this should be possible. Aperture does it with images (all metadata is retained), whatever you do with them.