export into html - DevonThink

maybe a good idea should be to give the possibility to export into html/css (2 columns for example)
1st column : directories/subdirectories/pages
central column : the text in html

advantage : DevonTinck should be usable to manage little sites (i wouls say betwenn 1 and 30 pages), maybe biger if the webmaster is a great one.
Devonthink data are exportable into html which everybody can read and store easyly.

inconvenient : it is never an inconvenient when you can make anything more whith the same application :wink:

maybe that kind of export is possible but I have’nt found…

(sorry with mistakes in my english, but it is not my natural language…)

Thank you for the suggestion. DT Pro 1.9.x (and maybe DT PE 2.0 too) will probably include plugins to export contents as HTML pages (or as simple websites).