Export Kindle notes directly into DevonThink

I came across a product called NoteScrapper (technosavvy.org/software/) that will copy your Kindle notes and highlights from kindle.amazon.com into either OmniOutliner or Evernote. Apparently the developer uses Applescript to accomplish this. I know nothing about Applescript and don’t have the knowledge to do something like this, but this would a an outstanding feature for DT!

What I would like is a new group for each kindle book and each highlight and note a new RTF note under that group in DT.

This would be a huge time saver in my research workflow. I hope someone will consider this–I think many DT/Kindle users would benefit. Thanks…

There is a great script here which can be modified to work with DEVONthink:


I started playing with it but haven’t finished the modified version as I got distracted with other projects. I intend on finishing the conversion but may not get back to it.

PS: I see that the guy who created the script I linked to is the same guy who created NoteScraper - Tim Wilson. It is the same script.

Thanks for the reply, but I’m not sure how that helps me. Since I don’t know anything about Applescript, I have to rely on someone else to create the necessary script. Hopefully someone will step to the plate. Thanks again…

This script does the requested splitting/organizing of Kindle notes:


It does not pull them off the web, though. You need to import your “MyClippings.txt” file from your Kindle into DT and then run the script on that file.

(You could probably automate it, so that whenever you plug in your kindle it would import the file into DT and run the script on the file, but that seems like more work than it’s worth for me.)

Once again, I appreciate the response. However, I don’t actually have a Kindle so I don’t have a “MyClippings.txt” file (that I know of). I read and highlight my Kindle books on my iPod Touch. So, alas, I’m still hoping someone will develop a script for this that takes the highlights off of the web. Here’s to hoping…

Yes, I am hoping the same too :smiley:

Er, did you read @kmlawson’s posting, above?

Yes, and I was left unsure by:

So I was just expressing an interest in the DT script’s materialisation!

Hello Badams,
I’d be very interested to use the script, could you repost the link (apparently broken)?