Export many Websites possible?

Hello community

I sync DTTG (iPad) with DTPO (iMac).
On iPad I have lot of different tags.
I use one tag and I see 16 websites.
Can I export all 16 website in one workflow?
I see that I can mark one website and use export via email.


When you select multiple documents you should be able to send them all at once by email. Maybe you could share a screenshot that explains the situation?

Thanks for feedback
The screenshot show DTTG > database Reisen > Tags > Schottland.


I saw this morning the listed websites only as pictures.
Don’t know why. I could not mark all pictures.
Now I see this websites as a list and I can mark all and send via Email.


Maybe you ended up in the grid view that appears when you tap the (number) bubble next to a group’s name?

You are right with number!!

When I send the listed websites via email I see this in received email.
I cannot open the websites when I click this in email.


Aim is to send lot of websites or links or URLs to an other person via email.


Could you please open a support ticket and attached some screenshots. Thank you.

I am not seeing any issues with double-clicking the .webloc files attached in the email generated by Share > Email.

How are you trying to open them from the email?
What application and operating system are you trying to open them from?

You see the shared three item in mine email entrance.
With double click on it there is no open with a browser.
I would send the email include lot of items to an other user, maybe he has WIN?


Those are webarchives, not bookmarks. Those are two very different things - and no, they’re not cross-platform compatible.


What is the best way fo share lot of my information in DTTG/ DTPO with other user?
a) Actual stored items?
b) Future items?


If you have them as webarchives you can share them with anyone who’s using a Mac or any app on iOS that reads webarchives. To be 100% compatible PDF is a great and transportable format.

Hello Eric
Thanks for feedback.
It is not the solution for my question.
So I must select the URL from the stored webarchive and copy and past in the E-Mail for new receivers.


OK, sharing does export the webarchives, not just the URLs. To share just the URLs you’d need to copy the URLs and share them separately I’m afraid.