Export PDF annotations with DTTG 3

Hi! Is is possible to export PDF annotations with DTTG 3 directly?

Welcome @elkrause

Can you explain what you mean? Thanks.


Yes, sure. I mark text in PDF documents within DTTP 3. After I have finished one document, I would like to have the marked text as text file e.g. in markdown to further work with the text.

I don‘t see this export function of annotated text within DTTG 3. I found a workaround opening the document in PDF Viewer and export the annotations there. PDF Viewer only exports them as PDF file and I have to copy all the text and paste it into my markdown file.

In the meantime, you could also try Highlights app for this. It exports to Markdown in the pro version.

There is currently no option to export highlights in this fashion.
We can pass the request along to the developer of the framework but can make no promises on implementation.

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Doesn’t “Summarize Highlights” (As Markdown) do this? It generated a markdown file of all your marked up text and in-text notes. Or do you mean specifically using pencil annotations? (EDIT: oh, I see you were referring specifically to DTTG - my apologies! PDFexpert’s free version allows you to do this too, but frustratingly drops the page numbers)

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