Export PDF with Annotations?

Hello - Using Devonthink 3 Beta (but this applies to 2, as well).

When I export my PDF to Preview, it doesn’t show highlights or notes I’ve made on those highlights. Is there any way to export & keep those?

Also, when I write detail notes on the highlights, they show a little box to the right, but I would like that to show up as text on the PDF page itself.

Grateful for any ideas.

Welcome @spanosh

When I export my PDF to Preview

Can you clarify what you mean by this?

Sure, and thanks for your help. I download an article from Jstor & read it. As I read it, I highlight things on it. Attached to those highlights, I made a detailed note (in the new inspector to the right). When I go to export my PDF file either by printing or any other means to Apple’s Preview or any other application, none of what I’ve done in DevonThink seems to follow it - I just get the original article as it was when I originally downloaded it, rendering all that highlighting useless unless I’m in DevonThink. I’d like to be able to print or export WITH the highlights, annotations, etc. intact. Does that make sense? Perhaps I am missing a step?

Does this only affect PDFs downloaded from JSTOR or any PDF document?

Just as a follow-up, this was highlighted in DEVONthink then exported to the Finder via File > Export > Document and opened in Preview…

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Ok thanks - it appears to be working now. The other issue I have is that those highlights don’t show up on the same document on DevonThink to Go for the ipad.

This is an issue with the current version of DEVONthink To Go. We are aware of the issue and investigating it. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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Much appreciated!