Export Scripts: Evernote to DEVONthink and Reverse


This guy, Veritrope, does wonderful scripts for free.

Seems very buggy. Crashes on “create group”. Fails to import some notes.

Korm, if you are having problems with Veritrope’s scripts, write him. He fixes everything. I think his real name is Justin.

Here’s the page about his Evernote/DT scripts where he describes his uses for Evernote and DT:
veritrope.com/tips/connecting-ev … pplescript

If you look at the comments in the very first link I posted, you might find hints for your problem, because he addresses scripting problems people have had with his stuff. I wrote him about a wish-list for one of his AppleScripts, and he created one for me on the fly that was genius.

Since he regularly passes stuff from Evernote to DT and back again, I think he would be interested in the parts you call buggy. He is super-responsive.

Brilliant :slight_smile:

Here is what the revised Evernote-to-DEVONthink Script does:

WDFS – Thanks for the kind words. Now all I have to do is live up to the reputation you’re creating for me! :wink:

KORM – Think I’ve already squashed the “Create Group” bug but, if you have any other issues, just leave them as a comment on the script’s page at Veritrope.com and I’ll take a look.

Seems like I have a little free time this morning, so I’ll look at updating both scripts and posting to the site later today:

Kind Regards,

Justin, thanks very much. Now that you’ve joined this forum … look into the scripting section where there is no end of need for your talents. :wink:

Yeah, you’re a prize, Justin. Remembering your web site name is Veritrope is my problem. 8)

A brief update:

Spent a fair amount of time on the Evernote to DEVONthink script yesterday. I discovered that, due to recent changes in AppleScript, it needs a rewrite in a few places to be fully compatible with Snow Leopard. I think it’s almost there and I will definitely have to share that “war story” with the scripting group when I’m finished…

Probably a day or two more to make sure that I’ve got it running as well as I know how and then I’ll turn it loose so that all you DEVONthinkers can test it and help me improve it.

Kind Regards,

Fabulous. Thanks, Justin.

For those of you not on my RSS or Twitter feeds, I’ve just posted version 1.2 of the Evernote to DEVONthink Exporter AppleScript. You can download a compiled script and look at the code here:

The script now uses DEVON’s own Group Chooser interface – and also has the added virtue of working properly now! :wink:

As I mentioned in my last posting, AppleScript runs a little differently under Snow Leopard. In a nutshell, some new added security features can slow down script performance if the code isn’t written exactly right. The changes aren’t documented very well (so far) but I’ve already started “tweaking” some of the script’s subroutines and, hopefully, I’ll get a better handle on the new guidelines in the weeks ahead.

Until then, it’s a little slower than I’d like… but it should work for you!

Send any bug reports, thoughts, wishlists, etc. to the comment section on the script’s page.

I hope that you find it helpful!


Hi everyone,

Updated the Evernote-to-DEVONthink script to Version 1.21 earlier this evening – contains a couple of bug fixes!