export tags so they appear in osx finder and devonthink

I have set a lot of tags for various files in devonthink. then I check those files in finder, the tags are not there.

how can I attach those tags to the actual files so they appear in finder as well?

I’ve not imported but indexed the files in question.

Move the documents into the database, then move them back out to the external folder again. DEVONthink always writes the tag info out to the filesystem only when it writes the document to the filesystem. In other words, if you change the tags in the future then you will need to move them into/out of the database again.

As a tip, you can streamline this process by using a smart group with the criteria ‘All of the following are true’, ‘Kind>Is>Any document’ + ‘Instance>Is>Indexed’. Then select all the documents in the smart group, then right click>Move Into Database. Once everything has moved into the database, right click, Move to External Folder.

Not sure about this. Ok, I understand the idea about the smart folder to catch all files and import them.

But what about the export? All files go to a single location?

Basically this is about quite a few files all over my harddrive. So if I export those I’d have to put those into the right place again when finished. Not sure this is an easy workflow.

Are there so little users who want to have their files tagged correctly even should they ever leave devonthink?

OT but related – if what you’re looking for is the ability to browse or lookup tags, for files in Finder and for files in your DEVONthink database, then check out Ammonite, a simple (not expensive) toolbar app that will browse for files with a combination of tags, filetype, and date (created or modified) – in both Finder and DEVONthink.

No, the documents will be exported back out to same Finder location they were in before.

My understanding is that it is all about performance. DEVONthink databases are structured the way they are to maximize performance. The more that DEVONthink has to write outside the database to the filesystem, the slower the performance.

ok, thanks for all your help. this is most helpful.

Thanks for this corm - just what I was looking for (without realising it!). Bought Ammonite - and enjoying tag-cloud bliss.