Export to Bookends duplicates entry

Is there a reason why the script "Export to Bookends” duplicates the entry in DEVONthink Pro Office? If so is it okay to delete one of the duplicates and is there a quick way of doing this?

The original item should be actually moved to the trash and a new item should created indexing Bookends’ attachment so that both DEVONthink and Bookends use the same document. Just checked this and it seems to work as expected.

Thank Christian for your reply. It is entrely likely that I am not understanding what I am seeing, so please bear with me. Fig1 shows the item I have exported to Bookends

Fig 2 shows my Trash

As you can see there are two items in blue which I assumed means that there are duplicates. Am I right?

Thanks for help


I’ve fixed the script, just deinstall & reinstall it.

Now getting an error message & Bookends quits:

Forget last posting, I closed both applications down and reopened, now seems to be working okay—thanks for help.