export to Bookends

hello all

Currently My DTPro Office DBs are based on indexing files from my HD.
What I want is to create through the export script a Bookends reference.
I tested the script and obviously a new reference is imported in Bookends as expected BUT it seems that also the PDF file is also imported as attachment which I didn’t expect to have.
Can someone tell me what exactly is exported from DTP to Bookends is it the PDF itself or only the link to his location on my HD (when I go in Bookends tab attachment I can scroll through the PDF file it’s not only the cover)?
I wouldn’t have the Bookends DB increasing due to PDF files embedded inside it (that’s also the reason why I prefer to index my files in DTP instead to embed them).


The PDF exported to Bookends is exported to the Bookends Attachments folder and replaced with an indexed item in the DEVONthink database (as evidenced by the curved arrow to the right of the name). Also, you could have checked the Tools > Show Info for the exported file in DEVONthink to see the path is now the Attachments folder.

Thanks Jim indeed I see now that the path of my PDF file has changed and is now the Bookends folder instead of the original folder…not really sure that what I wanted.
In my current workflow process when I have to add new pdf files I have an hazel rule which store in the relevant folder each pdf file depending of the tag I put on it and then once done I run the indexation process in DTPRO to add this new file to the related DB.
Then the export to Bookends if I apply to all my PDF files will empty all my folders linked to each DBs then I’ll lose the indexation capability (1 folder = 1 DB) :confused: If I am correct…

Just realized that actually the PDF file is not moved from it’s original folder but replicated in the Bookends folder then I have it twice not really good for HD space :frowning:

The script is going to export to the known Bookends attachments folder.

When you run your Hazel rule, is the PDF available in Bookends after that?

My Hazel rule is attached to the download folder where all my PDF files go first then I put the related tag corresponding to the historical period of the book then Hazel just move the pdf from download folder to the folder of this period.
Once done I run the indexing process in DTPRO for the DB link to the folder where I just add the new pdf file.
I have 5 indexed DB attached to 5 “pdf” folder each one corresponding to one historical period.