Export to DT as PDF or HTML?

I was wondering what everyone’s opinions were on exporting web pages from DA to DT. The HTML option is nice, but you run the risk of the web site no longer being there in the future, and thus not having access to graphics on the page. The PDF format is nice, because it keeps all the graphics, but printing becomes a problem because it saves the PDF as one long, continuous page (with no page breaks as far as I can tell). It would be great if the HTML format saved graphics a la SiteSucker. (Will DT Pro, which has SiteSucker capabilities save the graphics?) Or the PDF format saved the document as separate, printable pages. Currently, it almost seems like you would want to save both! Any opinions? I’ve been using DT for a long time, but I’ve only started to use DA: Am I missing something? Thanks.


Actually we thought that people would prefer a non-paginated PDF document. But we’ll add an option to the next release to paginate the output. In the meantime, just install the “Save to DEVONthink” script in the folder ~/Library/PDF Services and then you’re able to print anything to DT.

Actually I do prefer non-paginated PDF, because it keeps the original layout.

dougray, RTF is also an excellent option for web pages (especially those with a lot of text). You keep a copy (better than HTML), and a small, but editable file (better than PDF). Not suitable for every web site layout, but works fine for articles etc.


Actually, I do like the single-page PDF for reading on the screen. The ideal situation would be that DT displays a single-page PDF but prints a multi-page PDF. Basically, I want it all! :smiley:

But perhaps, DT Pro’s ability to archive a web site (or page in this case) is the beset of all worlds.