Export to HTML, Server edition "Web server" limitations, something else?

I know what I want to do but not how best to do it.

What do you think would work best? What has worked best for you? This might not be the best fit for DEVONthink. Are there other tools I could add to DEVONthink to make this work?

What I want to do.

I want to maintain and share a DEVONthink database with a number of people, each on their own network. Ideally I would like people to make edits to documents in the database.

I am exploring two ideas:

One: Shared documents, Database export to web pages

I would create documents on some kind of shared drive like OneDrive, box.com, iDrive, etc. I would then index them into DEVONthink. I each day I would export the database to a web “site” that I would share with some kind of simply hosting, perhaps even storing the site on the same iDrive.

I do not know how well collaborative editing would work for this. I also do not know what I lose when during export.

Two: Use DEVONthink 3, server edition with built in web server

I see there is a DT3 Server edition with the webserver interface but I think this would present two challenges.

  • I would need to have my workstation or laptop running all the time, sharing the database. I do not think there is a simple, or cost effective way to share the database this way from a cloud instance.

  • I would need to establish a virtual private network of some kind to provide secure access to the host and port. This would add complexity and cost.

Three/ Bonus option: Use DEVONthink with something else…

Maybe there is another solution that I have not considered? Something like using DEVONthink to manage indexed documents and use some other solution for delivery and collaborative editing?

Perhaps DEVONthink + Obsidian and Syncthing?

Why wouldn’t you just share the cloud-synced folder to the others with no exporting to a website from DEVONthink? :thinking:

Put the sync database in a global accessible place, like a WebDAV server or shared dropbox account.

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No, you should not put the database in any cloud-synced location.
And DEVONthink databases are not made for simultaneous user access.

Why aren’t you just putting the shared files in a Dropbox folder and sharing that folder to the others?

Jim, “sync database”, not database. :grin:

Ahh… got it.

If your companions/colleagues are also running DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go, then yes you could use a shared Dropbox account or potentially a WebDAV server (provided you set it up for Internet access).

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Preferably with a VPN – there it is again. If a NAS and a sufficiently capable router are available, I’d go for that. Otherwise, Dropbox et al are simpler, I guess.

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