Export to HTML

Having refined a query how can I export the results into simple HTML

Do you use DEVONthink or DEVONagent?

Devon Agent

Ideally I’d like to export from Devon agent to OPML and HTML

It’s not obvious how I can do this

Just like the command File > Export > Report… does but instead of PDF/CSV you’d like to export OPML/HTML, right? Should the exported HTML page look like the one produced by Scripts > View Results as One HTML page?

To begin with, thanks for your suggestions. The Scripts > View Results as One HTML page, gave me my HTML output, and I can work with that.

My ideal workflow scenario would be:

  • Use DA to search and produce a result set
  • Export to OPML for final selection. Most outliner tools should be able to read it and let me check/uncheck items to keep/delete
  • and from there export the selected items to HTML

If such a facility can be built into DA/DT/DN then even better.

Thanks again for your help

Thanks for the reply! We will probably add more report formats til the final 3.0 release.