Export to pdf from printing and clip to DTTG

One of the most useful feature of IOS 10 for me is the ability to create pdf files from any page I can print, using the 3D Touch form the print option. From here I could clip the pdf to DTTG. It was working extremely well until this next update (2.1.5). Now, there is an broken link message that appears instead of the proper pdf files.
It’s a known issue? Any workaround?

I can confirm that the 2.1.5 update broke the ability to create PDFs using the Clip to DEVONthink share option. The Import to DEVONthink share option continues to work, although it works a little differently than does Clip to.

Agreed, Import still works, but it takes you out of the source app (like Safari) and puts you in DTTG, which is not nearly as useful as the Clip function.

I also use the clip facility a great deal. Please confirm if it is being corrected in the next update.

Version 2.1.6 is in the works, fixing this problem. Sorry for the inconveniences.

I installed 2.1.6, and unfortunately, there is still an issue…

If I go to a URL in Safari that goes directly to a PDF, then click the share sheet, Clip to DEVONthink, when I click Next I am presented with options such as Bookmark, Capture PDF, and Markdown. When I chose Capture PDF, it (still) puts a bookmark into DTTG.

Please let me know if your need a sample URL for testing.


If I understand you correctly, for example if you go to devontechnologies.com/downlo … nuals.html and click on the PDF version of any of these (so you are viewing the PDF in Safari), then go to the Share sheet and Clip to DEVONthink then select Capture as PDF, it captures as bookmark?

When I am following this process (running 2.1.6) it captures the PDF correctly. Otherwise if you are just tapping and holding the PDF link on that page it captures the bookmark, and I believe that is the correct behavior because you are sharing the URL of the linked page as iOS isn’t able to decipher that the link points to a PDF.

If you have another site in mind can you add it?

Not seeing an issue here either. Please provide failing URLs to test.

Here is an example. Using the latest DTTG on iPad Pro 12. running the very latest version of iOS 12.

When I am viewing this PDF in Safari and I try to store it in DTTG via the share-sheet and selecting capture PDF. DevonThink stores a book mark.

However in the same session using the share-sheet and the capture PDF option, to capture this link https://www.tolerance.org/sites/default/files/general/civil_rights_map_poster_front_0.pdf

Works fine.

I am traveling right now and trying to do this. I can’t find why there would be a difference or if there is a documented limitation. Any Ideas?

The PDFs aren’t necessarily being served the same way, even if the net effect appears the same. Note the working URL is using a files directory, so it’s likely an explicit directory of the PDFs. The non-working URL is using a content directory. This could be data coming from elsewhere, not necessarily the files themselves.

These would be issues of the implementation of the individual sites, not the Sharing extension or DEVONthink.