Export Word Frequency List

I must be missing something. I can “copy” the word frequency counts but when I paste them into a text editor, there are no RETURNS. It’s just a non-usable paragraph.

A user-goal I have is to be able to export word frequency counts to a CSV or other regular text format so I can do Jaccard distance calculations on them (it would be nice if certain analysis tools like this were part of DT).

Is there a way to export word frequency counts in a usable (columns with returns, at least) format?

Also, there doesn’t seem to be a way to export the graph image you get when you click on a node from the word frequency graph. I thus have to resort to Snagit to get that graph.

Edit > Copy.
Data > New > From Clipboard yields a new sheet.
Open With…

No, you can’t export the network graph .

That’s fine. Lots of things to learn I suppose. The exporting the frequency list is not something that I would do often enough to expect an export feature. The method you indicated is fine.