Export XMIND to PDF

Hello everybody,
I’m a newbie and dabbling with devonthink. I have seen so many great things this app can do and I am amazed by how much the users here help each other.

I am in need of converting several thousand XMIND files to PDF. Since DevonThink 3 Pro can preview it, I’d have expected it to be able to do it.

But right clicking on an XMIND-File > Convert > to PDF (paginized) doesn’t do anything at all, although the menu seems to be there.
Can anybody tell me how I could manage a (batch) export of almost 2000 xmind-files to pdf, it would make my life so much easier.

Thanks so much, happy holidays everybody.

Probably best to ask the people at https://www.xmind.net

DT relies on a MacOS service for previewing, afaik. That’s entirely different from converting to whatever.
As @rmschne said: the people providing xmind should know how to convert their files to PDF. And their website explicitly mentions PDF export, btw.

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Thank you for explaining. I guess I hoped for a tad too much. :slight_smile: thanks, Alex

Welcome @atrost
Happy holidays to you and yours as well! :slight_smile:

@chrillek is correct. For proprietary file types, like XMIND’s, we use Apple’s Quick Look technology to display the file, just as you’d see when pressing the Spacebar in the Finder.

Unfortunately, XMIND offers no automation functions, like an AppleScript dictionary.

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Hi there,
I appreciate your feedback. Thank you. I’ll be using keyboard maestro and some macros, it’s tedious, but then, it’s only 2000 files, I’ve been converting old doc-files all day long in the same manner using libre office, as MS Word refuses to open these old files, that I have just rediscovered. :slight_smile:
Thanks again and happy holidays, Alex.

You’re welcome.
I’d suggest contacting XMIND’s developers and putting in a feature request for AppleScript support. Never hurts to ask. :slight_smile: