exporting a list

I am trying to export one of my lists, but it is only exporting the first 3 columns and not the comments field. Any help?


I’m not certain what you are trying to do.

The Comment field is a ‘metadata’ field, a sort of ‘add-on’ to a document that provides additional information. The Comment field is one of the fields in a document’s Info panel, along with other fields such as creation date, location, etc.

When you export a database document using File > Export > Files & Folders the document is exported to the Finder, together with a special DEVONthink file that contains the metadata for the exported file(s). The purpose of that special DEVONthink file is to “tell” a database about the metadata if the document is reimported into the same or a different DT/DT Pro database.

Tip: You can set up a list view of the database or of a group and “print” it as a PDF document, either to the Finder or to your database. You will probably need to adjust the column widths, font size and perhaps the File > Page Setup orientation to produce a satisfactory result.

Your PDF tip should help my problem. I was exporting my list as a rich text, and the comments field was not being exported, that was my problem. I will try your PDF route.