Exporting an RTF file with linked documents

I often use Devonthink to draft RTF reports summarizing documents in my databases and place links to those documents in reports.

I’d like to be able to export those RTF reports along with the linked documents in a manner that does not break the links. In other words, I’d like to export a package with the RTF file at its head and working links to summarized documents within. In a perfect world, I’d be able to export the entire thing as a PDF package.

I’n my online research I’ve seen that this might be possible through the export to webpage function. However, that doesn’t work in Devonthink 3 – links and supporting documents are not exported with the RTF file.

Is this possible or a feature that is being considered?


The website export supports this but it only exports the selected items, therefore you might have to select the linked documents too.